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Кулинария Wilton Industries

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2 402 грн.

Wilton Industries Cupcakes. 320 Amazing Designs that You Can Make!

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Средняя цена: 2 402 грн.

Cupcakes are coming up everywhere! You`ll find them at all kinds of occasions and events: from backyard barbecues, to celebrations at work, school events and even engagement parties. And regardless of the event, it`s always the same reaction. Everyone`s face literally lights up when cupcakes are...

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2 349 грн.

Wilton Industries Wilton Tiered Cakes: A Showcase of Dramatic Designs for Special Occasions

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Средняя цена: 2 349 грн.

`Wilton Tiered Cakes` reflects the new options in color and shape which make bridal, shower and anniversary cakes so unforgettable. You`ll see how exciting it can be to mix up colors on a wedding cake using textured fondant or floral accents. Learn how an anniversary cake can bring back memories...

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2 068 грн.

Wilton Industries Decorating Cakes: A Reference&Idea Book

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Средняя цена: 2 068 грн.

Get ready for some compliments. When you serve a beautiful cake that you decorated yourself, you`ll be the hit of the party. Whatever kind of cake you want to make - plain or fancy, lighthearted or elegant - Decorating Cakes will help you do it beautifully. This easy-to-follow reference and idea...